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• 9/28/2013

Upcoming Movies Wiki Polices.

Okay, this wiki has just started. Very true and will get a bright future, but we NEED, NEED! To know the rules! I've already spotted many users that got warnings, like DaBomb217  and i didn't like it, so for all you users that got warnings, user rights taken, please read the rules.

1. There is no cussing or using offensive language.

2. Please do not make a suggestion like "make me admin please", it is very annoying and you will only be a Admin if you make at least 500 edits.

3. Do not disrespect a user that is above you're user rights, for example a Admin, if you want to be a admin, you might look up to them. If you disrespect or if their only trying to help, you are not doing a good behavior or deserving to be a Admin

4. There are no innapropraite pictures, info, on articles, pages, discussions, blogs, and others.

5. If you are blocked, and if you were innocent and you did nothing wrong, you may be unblocked, but if you did something bad you have to be blocked.

6. Do not harrase, lie, or being rude to other users below and above you're user rights.

7. Don't claim things as you're own that someone else edited.

7. Please don't force someone suggestions, if they don't want to do it, then don't ask them anymore.

8. Don't go in someone's conversation and talk about non-sense, it will confuse everyone and wil not know what it's about.

9. Don't edit someone's page if they haven't given you a permission.

More coming soon...

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• 9/28/2013
That should be good.
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