Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier is a movie that will be released on April 4th, 2014. 

Ca 2

Teaser Poster for CA2.


Steve Rogers is trying to fit in to the new world as he was frozen in ice for nearly 70 years. But then his old partner has been hypnotized to be on the villains side, he must team up with shield agent Natsha Romanoff to deafeat a new villain in Washington D.C.


Chris Evans- Steve Rogers/Captain America

Scarlett Johanssan- Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Sebastian Stan- Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Samuel L. Jackson- Nick Fury

Hayley Atwell- Agent Peggy Carter                                                                 

Robert Redford- Alexander Peirce

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Captain's new suit.

Emily VanCamp- Agent 13 Dominic Cooper- Howard Stark

Anonthy Mackie- Sam Wilson/The Falcon

Toby Jones- Arnim Zola

Frank Grillo- Brock Rumlo/ Crossbones


Directed by Anothny and Joe Russo

Produced by Keven Feige

By Marvel Studios