Pacific Rim 2Edit

Pacific Rim 2 is a sequel to Pacific Rim, in late July the producers of Pacific Rim decided to make a sequel, but it is unknown if it will be a sequel, or prequel. It is also not confirmed when it will be created, but there are some rumors about it on the internet, the Toho (Godzilla) Company will again inspire in the film, there are fan fictions for ideas about Pacific Rim 2. People also think there will be new Jaegers, new Kaiju's, and others.

But the Sequel might get negative votes on whether or not the film will be created, the first film tried to compare there Jaegers to Godzilla, Cloverfield, Tyrannosaurus from Jurassic Park, the positive votes are extremely low, the film will not be created if it will get too many negative votes, if it get's many positive votes, the film will be produced.